Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Universe: Endless Possibilities.

The universe is so vast and nobody has exactly seen what's out there. We've only seen the few spots in our solar system which isn't much anyways. Imagine the billions of planets that are out there and imagine what exists at the edge of the universe. I'm not a Physicist nor do I know anybody who is, but these questions still fascinate me. The sad thing is that we can guess all we want and come up with complex equations but we will never know until we see it with our own eyes.

What I want to mention is the possibility of other parallel universes. Imagine how incredible that would be. Perhaps scientifically it is plausible to have wormholes and all that science fiction stuff due to recent discoveries in the last decades with the discovery of wormholes and black holes. My prediction is that 2000 - 3000 years from now when technology will most likely be advanced enough to confirm these phenomena, they'll look back and laugh at the way we think.  Similar to how we laugh at the simple-minded peasants believing that the sun rotated around the Earth. Okay I know, to be fair they had Galileo who studied the stars endlessly with "primitive" versions of telescopes today and actually believed that the Earth revolved around the sun. Why should I say that worm holes and black holes are not believable? I guess I won't find out anyways.

Another thing to keep in mind is how it is possible for the universe to be just a fraction of something bigger. What if our universe is just the size of an atom relative to greater beings out there. Similar to that introduction in "The Simpsons". Just sit down, look at the blue sky (or whatever looks good outside right now) and sit down and think about how immense this whole universe idea is. How the greatest thing we can think of is just the size of an atom relative to some other greater being. My head wants to explode. What if our universe is part of something disposable like food and we are moving at a super slow speed and some day that piece of food our universe is part of will be eaten by this being. Crazy. What if there are multiple universes in the trillions of atoms in our ever day life. We can never discover them because they are extremely small.
My mind wants to explode and just feels like immersing myself in these facts. I want to know more but I can only dream.

I've done enough thinking. I think I will stop for now. My gosh. I think there will be more posts about these topics tomorrow. What a beautiful day it is. Till then.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Religion: I want to believe.

I could go on and on about religion. I'll just try and keep it short by explaining certain things that bug me. First I'll just let the readers in on a little back story.

I sort of still believe in Christianity but very loosely to the point where it may not agree with a lot of things. I used to be very religious as a tween and surprisingly my life was a lot better in those years. I relied on the "karma" system and believed that I was being a very awesome individual. Along my teen years I got a little rebellious and pretty much dropped it all because I wanted to have a little more "fun". I couldn't have fun if I was a loyal Christian (if you know what I mean). At the moment where I'm typing this blog entry out, keep in mind that it may be related to other religions but I'll mostly be keeping Christianity in mind.

The very first thing that bugs me about religion is a very simple thing called LOGIC. If you think about it really hard, MILLIONS of people follow a certain religion because it says so in the scripture. But before all of that, if you think about it, the idea of religion in the first place is quite ridiculously sad. You have an Almighty Being that rules the entire Universe and sets out rules for his people, yet he doesn't show Himself. He expects His followers to be loyal and "Love Thy Neighbour" yet it causes them to do the opposite. (Yes, I'm pointing my finger at you, extremists).

I'll make a scenario. I have the power to breathe life into a heap of dust and form it in my image, make an entire Universe for them to dwell in (a fraction of it though) and I also make them the most intelligent animals in the planet giving them the ability to build great civilizations, discover the components (up to its molecular composition) that make up the universe BUT I don't confirm that I exist making the possibility that someone who is logical (someone I created by the way) will be a rebel and go against my teachings. A person that is not evil but just logical, is possibly going to suffer in the fiery pits of Hell for eternity because he was thinking outside the box and questioning the way the Universe works.
This does not make sense to me.

What is the explanation for the poor dying people in corrupt nations that have children dying from starvation every day? How about the good people who grew up in another religion? Will they not be given a chance? What is up with the unclear messages in the scriptures?

As a loosely believing Christian I demand that the great being that I wish to worship, leaves His throne and answers all these questions immediately. I honestly want to believe. There was a point in my life where following the "rules" made me a better and cheerful person. Before all the so-called sinful deeds that I regularly engaged in, I was happy and I felt fulfilled. After that the academic side of my life started to going downhill. I want to believe and know that the reason I'm going downhill is because of rejecting my religion. But I refuse to go back to the way everything was because, as a logical person, I want answers.

I honestly want to believe.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


In my opinion, humans are naturally attracted to anyone that has good looks. What exactly is love, though? If I spend a very long time with a certain person, I get used to her mannerisms, I start to feel close to her, but does it mean that I love her? Do I really love her, or am I just so used to her that I can not be with anybody else?

I know that relationships mostly start off with two people that really like each other for whatever reason. In most cases it is due to infatuation. This infatuation gradually fades away and the real relationship begins.
Love can then, be defined as appreciating the faults and imperfections of someone while at the same time truly enjoying their company.

It is natural to find other people attractive, but what happens if logically speaking, you find a better partner that is interested in you. What happens when you meet someone, who is (in your opinion) much better looking than your current partner? This is what I believe, ruins relationships, if we think of it in a biological point of view. This probably does not apply to everyone, but from my observations, I believe that this could be the key factor in breaking up romantic relationships.

The thinking where, you will choose a better quality of a certain product rather than the damaged goods is natural for all human beings. What causes some people to not follow their instincts? I guess it is because one is so used to the presence of their significant other that they can not imagine living their lives with other people. But there is this feeling in their gut that they do not want to be with that certain person anymore.
If that is the case then, does that mean some love relationships are like a trap? Breaking up is very painful because you are so used to that person's company yet you find so many other girls attractive that you want to break free and do whatever you want.

The sad part is that some relationships, go to the point where they can not tolerate each other anymore. They keep breaking up and making up but at some point in time they end up going with other people because they desperately want to be free from this trap. I pity people who are stuck in a relationship that gives them the company that they need yet they can not satisfy their hunger for sexual relations with people they find attractive, even a chance to flirt is taken away from them. What if this is the definition of love for some people? Maybe not.
Love to many people is the typical love story in movies. Meeting someone you have a crush on and hitting it off with them. Mutual feelings, shy moments and then slowly growing to love each other.
But there is a flaw in this thinking. Love is something you work towards because, nobody is perfect. The ideal partner does not exist. Fights are bound to break out therefore it is withstanding those fights that defines love.

What is the view on forgiving someone who has cheated on their partners? Some people may say that they are blinded because they only want the around because there is nobody else that was there for them. They are like one entity. Love is about unison between two people who have endured many things together and they simply can not be without each other. This relationship should not have any doubts concerning choosing a "better" partner. This relationship must overlook the physical traits of other potential mates. I guess that is what separates human beings from other animals.

The ideal world would have each person to have their ideal partner. The one that loves them for who they are. I guess it is only possible in our dreams.