Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Universe: Endless Possibilities.

The universe is so vast and nobody has exactly seen what's out there. We've only seen the few spots in our solar system which isn't much anyways. Imagine the billions of planets that are out there and imagine what exists at the edge of the universe. I'm not a Physicist nor do I know anybody who is, but these questions still fascinate me. The sad thing is that we can guess all we want and come up with complex equations but we will never know until we see it with our own eyes.

What I want to mention is the possibility of other parallel universes. Imagine how incredible that would be. Perhaps scientifically it is plausible to have wormholes and all that science fiction stuff due to recent discoveries in the last decades with the discovery of wormholes and black holes. My prediction is that 2000 - 3000 years from now when technology will most likely be advanced enough to confirm these phenomena, they'll look back and laugh at the way we think.  Similar to how we laugh at the simple-minded peasants believing that the sun rotated around the Earth. Okay I know, to be fair they had Galileo who studied the stars endlessly with "primitive" versions of telescopes today and actually believed that the Earth revolved around the sun. Why should I say that worm holes and black holes are not believable? I guess I won't find out anyways.

Another thing to keep in mind is how it is possible for the universe to be just a fraction of something bigger. What if our universe is just the size of an atom relative to greater beings out there. Similar to that introduction in "The Simpsons". Just sit down, look at the blue sky (or whatever looks good outside right now) and sit down and think about how immense this whole universe idea is. How the greatest thing we can think of is just the size of an atom relative to some other greater being. My head wants to explode. What if our universe is part of something disposable like food and we are moving at a super slow speed and some day that piece of food our universe is part of will be eaten by this being. Crazy. What if there are multiple universes in the trillions of atoms in our ever day life. We can never discover them because they are extremely small.
My mind wants to explode and just feels like immersing myself in these facts. I want to know more but I can only dream.

I've done enough thinking. I think I will stop for now. My gosh. I think there will be more posts about these topics tomorrow. What a beautiful day it is. Till then.


  1. So deep. The universe can be so hard to understand sometimes, haha. Good luck trying to think it all through.

    1. you should have a sit with my dad ...

  2. I literally can give myself headaches when I start to think how enormous and vast our universe is. I become obsessed with all the possibilities out there, and the possibilities we haven't even come across or fathomed. I'm wasting time sitting in a chair in front of a computer. I'm going out for a walk.

  3. I don't think we're meant to understand, the mystery is what fuels us

  4. It amazes me just how small the world actually is. We can travel across the world in just over half a day. I believe that, based on the sheer size of the universe, there's more life, and it's not like ours. But yeah, headache. Like the guy above said, we're driven by what we don't know.

  5. I don't even bother, the possibilites are unfathomable

  6. Wow, good thoughts. Sometimes I like to think about these things. Makes you more of a humble person knowing that we are all just motes of dust on this earth.

  7. Thanks for making me feel like an insignificant speck in the midst of everything. :P